Alexander P. Kuznetsov


A. P. Kuznetsov

Doctor of Sciences, Professor

Head Researcher of the Laboratory of Theoretical Nonlinear Dynamics



A.P.Kuznetsov was born in 1957 in Saratov. In 1974 was graduated with gold medal from Saratov high school No 13, specialized in physics and mathematics (now the Physical-Technical Lyceum No 1), and enter Physical Department of Saratov State University. From the 1-st grade started scientific work in a research group headed by D.I.Trubetskov (now a Corresponding Member of RAS).

Been graduated from the University in 1980, A.P.Kuznetsov started to work as a senior laboratory assistant of the Chair of Electronics of SSU. In 1983-1986 he was a post-graduate student of Saratov University under leadership of Prof. D.I.Trubetskov. In 1986 he received the degree of Candidate of Sciences (analog of PhD) from Saratov University. The thesis was devoted to a change of nature of instability in a system of interacting waves near a border of the transmission band, regimes of amplification and generation of electromagnetic oscillations in such systems, and consideration of analogy between hydro-dynamical and electronic problems of interaction of flows or beams with waves in periodic structures.

In 1986-1987 A.P.Kuznetsov is a Junior Researcher of the Instiute of Mechanics and Physics of SSU, from 1988 - a Senior Researcher of Saratov Division of Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics of RAS. From this date the basic field of interest is the Nonlinear Dynamics. In 1996 A.P.Kuznetsov received degree of Doctor of Sciences from Saratov University. The title of the thesis: "Critical Phenomena and Scenarios of Transition to Chaos in Multi-Parameter Nonlinear Systems". The main scientific achievements presented in the Doctor thesis are: elaboration of a concept of the multi-parameter criticality generalizing the idea of scenario of transition to chaos onto multi-parameter nonlinear systems, detection of a number of novel, previously unknown types of universal behavior and scaling at the onset of chaos, investigation of features of signals with hierarchical organization ("the fractal signals").

From 1997 A.P.Kuznetsov is a Head Researcher of SB IRE RAS. In 1998-2018 he headed the Basic Chair of Dynamical Systems of SSU at SB IRE RAS.

A.P.Kuznetsov is a Laureate of a grant of President of Russian Federation for young Russian Doctors of Sciences, Laureate of personal grant of Foundation for Support of Russian Science, Soros Professor (2000, 2001).

Eight Candidate (PhD) works have been performed under supervision of A.P.Kuznetsov (L.Turukina, 2003, J.Sedova, 2004, A.Savin and S.Milovanov, 2005, V.Paksioutov, 2007, N.Stankevich and D.Savin, 2011, J.Emelyanova, 2012).

A.P.Kuznetsov is an author of more than 120 published works in Russian and International scientific press.


The recent field of scientific interests includes

  • Investigation of correspondence in description of dynamical systems by models of different classes (differential equations, invertible maps, non-invertible maps)
  • Investigation of novel mechanisms of break-up of phase syncronization, investigation of synchronization of nonlinear systems by short pulses,
  • Investigation of physically motivated discrete mappings and features of application of the nonlinear dynamical approaches to their description,
  • Effect of noise onto systems demonstrating trasitions from order to chaos


Pedagogical work

A.P.Kuznetsov is a member of the author collective, which has created a system of permanent education represented now by the Lyceum of Applied Sciences and the Department of Nonlinear Processes of Saratov State University. He elaborated lecture courses "Catastrophe Theory" and "Dynamical Systems and Bifurcations" accompanied by theoretical seminars and computer practical lessons. In collaboration with S.P.Kuznetsov analogous seminars and practical lessons have been arranged for courses "Dynamical Chaos" and "From Order to Chaos".

A.P.Kuznetsov is an author of four-year course for "elite" high schools, published in a book "How do the physicists work and think?" He is one of the authors of the concept of new physical course for the Lyceum of College of Applied Sciences.

A.P.Kuznetsov is an author of books of problems "Linear Oscillations and Waves" (in collaboration with D.I.Trubetskov and A.G.Rozhnev), "Oscillations, Catastrophes, Bifurcations, Chaos", and of three popular books on physics. He is an author of several hundreds problems in physics, theory of oscillations, catastrophe theory, dynamical systems, and bifurcation theory. For 20 years he was one of organizers of Saratov high-school Olimpiads in Physics.



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Russian Academy of Science,
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Saratov group of
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